// So this was the very first meet up I had ever been to! I’ve been trying to attend a Portrait Meet for over 3-4 months now, but life kept getting in the way… (insert lame ass excuse here).

This one had a twist though  – It was ladies only! So many Boss ladies of Boston – Photographers, models, makeup artists! (Let’s Shoot Boston)

Of course, I showed up 45 minutes late because I couldn’t find parking, and the first person I ran into was Christa, a nurse from Derry, New Hampshire who recently started building her modeling portfolio!  – We literally clicked instantly and had a lot of fun and definitely share a bunch of laughs! I think at these events, you would usually partner up and take turns with new people, but we pretty much spent the whole event doing our thing and we turned out to have great success!!

So, I am supppper excited about these photos! Just obsessed with how they came out! <3 Of course, it helps to have a beautiful model 😉 – What do you think?

Check out shots in outfit numero uno! – Christa also had an athletic outfit which is coming soon!! Keep your eyes peeled. //

— Those eyes, though! Let me know which one you find most captivating :)  —







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