It’s here!! I can’t believe it’s here! Finally sunshine! Hot weather! A/C… Pretty much the worst thing if you haven’t achieved your summer body yet. Eek. Please don’t wait to catch me in a bikini, because what I love more than salad are gummi bears…

Which brings me to the topic of my photos, my beloved roommate Kalin. The one in the pink glasses below; she and I have a thing for gummies. Considering we both find health a big part of our lives, this is pretty much the main thing we can agree on and consume more of than water.

Unfortunately, these photos are from her last hump day living at the “Both” (short for Bothwell, our two year home together). Next week she will be leaving us to go to George Washington University on her new journey to becoming a PA.

Boy, it has been a ride with this Chica. In a house of four, we are an eclectic group that brings the weirdness out in each other. When I first met Kalin, I got a first impression that rubbed me the wrong way. When she checked out the apartment, she was quiet and skiddish, so I unsure how thing would go. This nut took some time to crack, but inside was pure, crazy goodness!

Having quirks myself, I was surprised at how well we ended up getting along! We created many memories. Very funny, weird ones that would only be ridiculous to anyone from the outside looking it.


Things I will remember when I think of Kalin:

  • Her incessant obsession with these triplet Aussie babies on instagram, the Owens 
  • The curated instagram post she would share that related to how much we loved our jobs and our dating lives.
  • Gummies – All of them
  • This video about a kid going to the bathroom – Potty Talk
  • Kalin signing this song about eggs – ” wiggle, jiggle, yellow middle”
  • That one time she got drunk…
  • That one time when the guy she went on a date with pretended to be her sister and texted her from a random number… All because she never texted back. Crazy!
  • The many stories about her awful dates and the hilarious events that occurred!
  • Trying to remember who that wiggly guy was.
  • The guy who ate 7 Bananas a day. The guy who said “That’s bananas!”
  • “STUPID”
  • “HERB”
  • When she said she was going to start a blog, but only wrote two posts.

When are you coming back? I miss you already!





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