Cinemagraph-Portrait---Sarah-Kozak-2I look like I belong in a wizard newspaper, but no, this is just everyday muggle magic — I used Photoshop to create this and it’s called a Cinemagraph.

I’m obsessed! It combines both worlds of photography and videography to create this awesomeness.

Cinemagraphs aren’t that new, apparently. The concept was created in 2011 by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck and has been used to bring to life imagery in fashion photography and commercial advertising. Essentially what you do is you film something you want to capture, whether it be steam from a hot cup of coffee, or a busy street, and you isolate one image and manipulate the areas you want to remain moving, then you making it a looping GIF.

I shot this with my new lens I got today – the Zeiss 35mm 1.4 in the dress I will be wearing tomorrow at my Cousin’s wedding!

If you want to learn how to make your own cinemagraph you will need a camera that can record video, a tripod, and an interesting capture. There are a few tutorials out there, but I followed this simple one by Peter Mckinnon 😀

If you make one, upload it to Giphy and share the URL in the comments below!

Sarah Kozak- Self Portrait

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